Ophircoin’s ICO Starts After Resounding Pre-Sale Response…

Ophircoin (OPC), the unique cryptocurrency that utilises its mining business to reward its community, has completed the pre-sale of its tokens, and now has moved to the first stage of its ICO.

The pre-sale received overwhelming support and nearly all the 63.5 million tokens were snapped up, underlining the positive interest of the investment community. The proceeds from the pre-sale will be mostly used for marketing, promotions and a bounty program.

The first stage of the ICO will offer 150m tokens for sale at US$0.05 (5 cents) each.

OPC is a technologically advanced mining operation built and managed by a team of data centre industry experts and professionals. We share our output transparently and equitably using Ethereum-based smart contracts. Our team obtains advanced technology at wholesale prices and electricity at ultra-low industrial rates, with high-level safety and security measures to protect the Community’s investment. A large portion of the profits minus basic operating costs including electricity is distributed to token holders, and a sizeable amount is re-invested into new mining hardware to keep our mining centres at the cutting edge of mining technology.

The ERC20-based OPC will run on a full-service, multifunctional blockchain platform. OPC is powered by a one-of-a-kind, stable-rate digital currency, which can be stored, used, and traded through an integrated wallet. It allows all users the ability to leverage their own assets - for example by enabling them to trade and to benefit from the mining income generated.

OPC offers faster transaction processing, more reduced transaction risk and higher security cover without room for any third parties. Users can enjoy flexibility without the restraining influence of centralized banking. Incidents like identity theft, hacking and password compromise, mugging and excessive bank charges will be non-existent with OPC.

Ophircoin currently has mining rigs running across 3 different sites in the Philippines, in areas where electricity rates are attractive and feasible for mining operations. We have been collating data and financial figures since mid-2016 for the purpose of demonstrating the viability and profitability of mining ETH for this ICO. Our analysis showed that for every $100,000 invested in mining, including equipment and ancillary costs such as rental, electricity and cooling, manpower and internet, the monthly yield is an average of 15%--ie the net profit is $15,000. These are conservative figures. This income is assured for at least 3 years and possibly up to 5 years. Adding the appreciation of ETH, the benefits accrue further.

The current stage of the ICO ends on May 31st, when it will move to the second stage.